Setateh Nafisi, an entrepreneur, painter and teacher, were born into a family of successful business owners in Tehran. Her mother’s four decades of experience in the education sector, awarded best school principal and founder of the Talash Education Institute in Iran, played a critical role in shaping Setateh succession of engaging with Kids and nurturing them in early years of school.

The SETIArtAcademy (SAA) stands firmly on the passion, expertise and devotion of Setareh and is evident in her career achievements. In 2015, following her BA in Language Teaching from Tehran Open University (Azad) in 2011 and after four years of work as art/ language teacher at Talash school, Setareh migrated to the states and joined the Montessori in CA/OC and has been a certified teacher since 2017.

She established the SAA in 2017 to address the Iranian American families and kids in their love for the Persian culture, language and great history. It is therefore engraved with the highest honour and joy at the heart of the SETIArtAcademy to deliver an outstanding service to the Iranian community both locally and internationally.